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Consulting - Design - Construction of environmental protection system

I.  Tư vấn - Thiết kế - Thi công hệ thống bảo vệ môi trường:

  • HTXL nước thải công nghiệp: giặt tẩy, cao su, thực phẩm, giấy, dệt nhuộm…
  • HTXL nước thải bệnh viện, phòng khám, cơ sở y tế;
  • HTXL nước thải sinh hoạt: chung cư, cao ốc, văn phòng, khách sạn…
  • HTXL khí thải: lò hơi, máy phát điện, hơi dung môi, sơn…
  • HTXL nước cấp công nghiệp: nước RO, làm mềm…
  • Hệ thống nước uống trực tiếp cho hộ gia đình, cơ quan, xí nghiệp, bệnh viện, khách sạn …

II.  Dịch vụ lắp đặt

  • Hệ thống xử lý nước cấp.
  • Hệ thống xử lý nước thải.
  • Hệ thống điện điều khiển, lập trình PLC, màn hình cảm ứng.

II.  Dịch vụ bảo trì:

  • Bảo trì hệ thống xử lý nước.
  • Bảo trì hệ thống điện.
  • Nâng cấp, sửa chữa hệ thống.

Environmental consulting


I. Apply for an environmental permit (GPMT):

1. Group of granting environmental permit (Environmental Permit): Investment projects of group I, group II and group III generate waste including (wastewater, dust, exhaust gas). Pursuant to the order in Appendix III, IV, V of Decree 08/2022 and prescribed in Article 39 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020.

2. Environmental registration granting group: Investment projects that generate waste are not subject to environmental permit and production, business, and service establishments that generate waste are not subject to environmental permit. (Prescribed in Clause 1, Article 49 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020)

Groups of investment projects, production and service establishments with a daily-life solid waste volume of more than 300 kg/day, or waste water of more than 05m3/day, air pollution of more than 50 m3/hour

3. Groups exempt from environmental registration: Regulations in Article 32 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020. Regulations in Appendix XVI of Circular 08/2022.

II. Report on environmental protection:

The report is calculated from January 1 to the end of December 31 of the year and submitted before January 5 of the following year.

III. Working environment monitoring report:

Implemented once/year according to Decree 44/2016/ND-CP 15/05/2016 in order to control dangerous and harmful factors in the workplace.

Service of upgrading - maintaining - maintaining the environmental system

1. Processing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment:

- Water treatment equipment: Sedimentation equipment ; Pressure filtration equipment; Chemical tanks; Wates and Chemical storage tank, Mix tank; Ultrafilter tank; Handrail operation; Heat exchangers; Dosing device...

- Air Pollution treatment equipment: Exhaust fans; Absorption tower; Adsorption towers, Piping...

- Office and Furniture decoration: Leg tables; Iron shelves; Product shelves; Table frame; Frame; Office desk; Student table...

2. Provide -  supply water equipments: filter; metering pump; water pumps; UV light; ozone equipment; solenoid valve; composite tank ...

3. Installation Service:

- Supplywater treatment system.

- Wastewater treatment system.

- Electric control system, PLC programming, Touch screen.

4. Maintenance services:

- Maintenance of water treatment systems.

- Maintenance of electrical systems.

- Upgrading and repairing systems.


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